Click to enlargeStanley Clarke Deluxe

The iconic Alembic bass: Stanley Clarke Deluxe in Coco Bolo. This particular Coco Bolo is very sultry, with low-contast grain that invites close inspection - lots of fine details in this top and back. This bass offers a few special features so you can enjoy a custom bass without the custom wait!

We've crafted the neck from Maple and Vermilion, which increases the low end even more than a typical Alembic (which certainly isn't lacking in lows). Combined with the Vermilion core, this bass packs a deep punch.

Continuous wood backplates not only look great, but shave a good half pound off the weight when compared to brass plates. Abalone oval inlays and blue side LEDs in sterling silver rings complete the custom feature set.

Offered by: Will Gunn Guitars, Portland, OR