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First things first - click on the picture to get a good look at the top laminate.

Okay, now that you're back we can talk about the rich natural golden color and high density of figuring that doesn't come along every day. You probably noticed the bird's-eye figuring is layered on a field of gentle quilting. It's absolutely stunning.

The Essence is our smallest and lightest weight bass. The upper horn makes strap balance a breeze, and the shape also sits nicely in your lap for practicing. Simple but powerful electronics have almost no learning curve, so you can start enjoying this bass at your next gig.

Special on this bass are the Abalone oval fingerboard inlays and the double accent laminate combining a thick Purpleheart laminate with a Maple pinstripe. It also sports an inline Europa peghead shape.

  • Bird's-eye Maple top, Purpleheart accent laminate, Maple pinstripe, Mahogany body
  • 3-piece Maple neck with 2 Walnut pinstripes
  • High gloss polyester finish, satin neck feel
  • 34" long scale, Ebony fingerboard with Abalone oval inlays
  • Pickups: Alembic MXY
  • Controls: volume, pan, filter, mono output
  • Weight: about 9 pounds
  • Price includes hardshell case

Essence 13215