Click to enlargeCustom Triple Omega Zebrawood

Sweet custom Triple Omega bass in Zebrawood has a host of features to delight, starting with the inlaid brass top-loading tailpiece. This is based off the Orion model, so it has set neck construction which brings more focused mids than you encounter on neck-through basses. Side LEDs are in violet with amber at 12th and 24th frets with tiny inlaid sterling silver circles around each so that you can see your positions even if you elect to keep the LEDs off.

Electronics are easy to navigate with a master volume and pan plus separate bass and treble cut and boost controls with center detents.

One of the best things about this bass is the medium scale length. On this shape, it puts the left hand reach similar to a regular long scale bass because of the bridge position, but with the frets slightly closer together, it's so much easier to play!

Sold by: Station Music, Germany